Haney Truck line welcomes a new face leading our safety/training team. Michael Haas is the new Director of Safety/Training, and certified safety director and safety supervisor through NATMI or North American Transportation Management Institute.

Michael started with Haney as our Director of Operations and has held key positions assisting our IT team during our software change, Billing/Payroll once the software was changed with his vast knowledge of our new system, and now leads our safety/training team.

Michael is not new to the safety side of the business. Michael spent several years at Interstate working in safety with Tom Anderson which I believe will translate well as Michael transitions to leading our number, core value of

Our safety team consists of two safety professionals, Carina and Veronica, and is lead by Michael. I’m very pleased to have these three talented associates working at Haney Truck Line supporting our most important core value.

Joel Lalicker