wta 2015 driver of the year mike nesmithMike Nesmith and his new 2016 Peterbilt 579. Haney handed the keys to this truck over to Mike for his exceptional performance and for becoming WTA 2015 Driver of the Year.

Haney Truck Line is proud to have nominated Mike Nesmith for the honor of Washington Trucking Associations’ Driver of the Year. Celebrated for his impressive safety record, Nesmith has had zero safety reportable incidents in the past decade, and only two in his entire 35-year career with Haney.

“Mike is patient, demonstrates professionalism, and [has] uncompromising standards,” says Wendell Brown, Safety Manager for Haney Truck Line. “Mike also demonstrates amazing skills and understanding of his equipment when behind the wheel, and helps set the bar high for Haney’s trainees.”

In addition to his driving, which totaled 90,733 miles in 2014, Nesmith serves as a Driver Trainer and Evaluator for new Haney drivers coming through the orientation pipeline. He also shows his pride for Haney, his hometown and the trucking industry as a whole by participating in the annual parades in Yakima County that Haney has sponsored. Nesmith even volunteered to be Haney’s driver participant at an event evaluating bike, pedestrian and large truck safety in downtown Seattle this past May.

“Mike’s accomplishments in the collision metric of safety are truly remarkable,” Brown says, calling him “a testament in safety.” Nesmith smoothly navigates the mountainous routes of the Northwest from Haney’s Yakima headquarters throughout the West Coast. Because Haney specializes in heavy haul freight and features many dry van liquid cargoes, value-driven safe driving practices are critical.

The single preventable incident in Nesmith’s entire career was a $150 scrape of a pickup truck at a rest area more than 32 years ago. His only other safety reportable incident was a non-preventable tow from a hillside shoulder during a white-out, along with two dozen other tractor trailers. Nesmith’s legendary safety record boasts 3+ years violation free in CSA’s driver’s scorecard, all driver and vehicle inspections and his MVR record.

Says Nesmith of the honor: “This is great. The recognition for it, this is something I couldn’t have imagined.”